A playful evening turns into a nightmare when Chūntáo (春桃) and QíngGē (情歌) are goaded on by some of the other girls to wander into a cemetery at nightfall. The earth is disturbed and the fog sets in, separating the two. As the jiāngshī rise, so too does their dread.

Will they live to see the morning sun?


SPACE - Hold Hand / Wait
R - Restart Level


JUMPSCARE is a short horror game made for YuriJam18 developed in DungeonScript, a 3D engine based off of PuzzleScript. It's a proof-of-concept showing some of the more advanced features of DungeonScript, namely real time intervals and random movement. 

There are three levels in the game, each one increasing in difficulty. Obvious warning for jumpscares, though the game does not feature any blood or gore.

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